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Consumers are leading a fundamental shift from traditional models of engagement to digitally driven buying decisions. Understanding how to effectively interact with and serve the new digital consumer is the name of the game, yet deciding how and where to effectively allocate resources is complex and challenging.

Welcome to the Collaboratives – a series of year-long research initiatives that draw on the collective expertise of leading companies to solve current and future challenges surrounding digital engagement strategies. During each Collaborative, members and their organizations get a comprehensive series of strategic and tactical principles that help them deliver more relevant, impactful customer experiences in the digital, mobile and social environments.


The 2015 Digital Collaboratives
are led by leaders:

The Collaboratives series is moderated by brand experience and strategy firm Stone Mantel, a company with over nine years of experience leading collaboratives for some of the biggest companies in their respective industries. In 2013, Stone Mantel and award-winning advertising agency Erwin Penland partnered to launch the Digital Consumer Collaborative, which focused on gathering foundational insights into how digital experiences impact consumer decision-making.

In 2015, Stone Mantel will be partnering with Schermer, a leading B2B brand experience agency, to launch the Digital B2B Collaborative. This collaborative will focus on the increasing impact of digital, social and mobile on each stage of the buying process, to help B2B organizations better identify buyer needs and how to most effectively meet them.

Take part in a powerful experience with
the world’s most powerful companies

Each year, a select group of organizations shares the effort to conduct deep ethnographic, quantitative, and co-creation design research, which ultimately helps them each develop new strategies and tactics for marketing to their audiences. Collaborative members have the unique opportunity to rub elbows and share brainpower with the who’s who in their respective industries. Past members include companies such as 3M, Deluxe, Hallmark, Royal Caribbean, Sam’s Club and SunTrust Bank.


Use a proven methodology to
build insight through synergy

Each Collaborative gleans valuable insights using Stone Mantel’s proprietary Mantel Method℠, a process that combines various research techniques to uncover patterns and trends across broad segments of data. Members are consistently amazed by what they learn and how they can activate the findings to achieve greater business success. The Mantel Method includes four key phases: includes 4 key phases:

  1. Shape: The process starts by gathering the right set of companies and executives together around a core challenge. As membership solidifies, the Collaborative will discuss what’s most important to each member and then establish a solid set of goals and objectives that drive the year’s research work.
  2. Discover: Over the course of the year, at least three different studies are conducted to gather as much ethnographic and quantitative input as possible. All members of the Collaborative are actively involved in the research methodology and conducting the research. Members get exclusive access to all research findings as they happen.
  3. Synthesize: Research results are brought together and discussed. Members work to co-create a variety of tools and techniques to address the core objectives and issues raised in phase one.
  4. Apply: The Collaborative works together to finalize all results and find ways to apply them in their own organizations. Ultimately, select results are shared publicly – giving full credit to all executives and organizations involved.

Over a 9-12 month period, Stone Mantel, its partners and the members of a Collaborative take part in: 

  • 4 face-to-face meetings
  • 5-7 virtual meetings
  • 3 homework assignments

Each participant determines the amount of time he or she is willing to contribute to the process but attendance at three of the four face-to-face meetings is required.

Experience an ROI
well beyond the research

By connecting innovators and leaders with colleagues in other industries, the Collaborative offers members a new level of rich insight not found anywhere else. The key takeaway from each year’s Collaborative is a unique series of principles and actionable insights that members can apply directly to their organization’s future growth.

Members also receive:

  • Findings from the ethnographic studies
  • Results of the quantitative research
  • A comprehensive series of strategic and tactical principles
  • The ability to ask questions and shape the insights gathered from the Mantel Method
  • Access to all findings and insights gathered throughout the process
  • Specific insights applied to participating companies
  • Networking with participating companies

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For more information about the 2015 Digital Collaboratives, email us at collaboratives@gostonemantel.com or call (303) 814 3627.